Photo by: Gergely Kenéz, Kornél Simon

The city like a sleeping dog,
Lies under a hill above a plain
Small town, large village.

Early to bed, early to rise
White walls and red roofs
Green trees and green shutters.

Mihály Babits:
Szekszárd, summer 1915

We love to travel. Discovering places where we don’t have to avoid the tourists, we mingle with the locals and be ourselves in nature for a while ­– at home and beyond Hungary.

We have spent a lot of time abroad, both working and relaxing. We have visited many magical places, stayed in hotels small and large, accommodation with particular and audacious solutions. We loved them all – and their unique character.

We wanted to create a place where it is feels good to be good, where we can combine the nicest, most imaginative solutions we have experienced during our travels.

This is Szegzárd – the lodge.

We have designed an accommodation,

Szegzárd – the lodge, where you can spend time close to nature.

For people who like to hide a little from the world, not only tired of city noise but also upscale tourist spots.

You can relax here, with a large group of friends or just as a couple.

Close to nature, pure,
We dreamed of a place to relax,
In the Szekszárd wine region.

Szegzárd – the lodge spreads across nearly two hectares on a small hillside.

The estate includes small private woods, a vineyard, and a hundred-tree orchard.

The buildings blend into the landscape while providing all the necessary amenities.

Modern nomad style with smaller cabins and an atmosphere you won’t find at any luxury hotel.